Who or what is blocking your path to victory?

You’ve been called to a higher purpose. God selected YOU to be His beloved child, and His will is to lavish you with courage, love, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, inner peace, purpose, joy, and daily HOPE for your eternal future. If you aren’t experiencing any of those amazing blessings He has promised for all who fear Him and keep His commands, what or who is holding you down and preventing you from soaring on wings like eagles?

I once faced the same question and was shocked to find the answer was: ME. I was holding me down.

How? First I didn’t know God’s word—as in His “covenant of grace” and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit available to me—and I didn’t know God. Even though I believed, I still walked by faith and DOUBTED my purpose and value. My unbelief cursed me and prevented me from knowing God and being transformed of mind and heart. I was living in darkness because I was a faithless man. I was physically alive but spiritually dead.

But then I was blessed to hear the Gospel truth from a man of God: my life mattered, and I was of immense value to God. Talk about a BREAKTHROUGH. It changed everything.

It was then I committed to learning God’s word, so I could come to know Him and walk by faith rather than by sight. That was 14 years ago. I’ve been walking God’s way ever since. I’ve testified all about my awakening in my book I wrote with my wife called THE LAST BREAKUP. I’m now working on the follow-up called “Breakthrough Victory: How to Live a Meaningful, Valuable, and Joyful Life.” I can’t wait to publish it because I know it will shine the light of truth for so many people who are still in the darkness as we once were.

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