Here is a partial list of quality of life services we provide:

Encouragement, Fellowship, Education

Book editing, self publishing help (see services below)

Health and wellness coaching (weight loss, diet, stress reduction, purpose finding, and more)

Health and Wellness Office and Home Assessment

Quality Management (product review, feedback, quality assurance, software testing, mystery shopper…)

Home and office organization and efficiency

Individual or Group (including family) Christian spiritual development

Weight Loss, Health Improvement, Rehab

Smoking, drug, alcohol, cessation, general detox

Mind detox and restoral


Developmental editing – We can help you develop your book/story idea, characters, plot, etc. We can also help you find and amplify your author’s voice and improve your story so it has maximum engagement impact on all your readers. Developmental editing usually occurs in the early stages of book writing, but we can also provide retrospective developmental editing if you have already completed your manuscript.

Proofreading – Proofreading consists mostly of high level grammar, spelling, and typo correction. It is usually the last step after copyediting and before publishing.

Copyediting – This type of editing includes proofreading (see above) as well as in-depth grammar, syntax, sentence and paragraph structure, overall content formatting, etc. to ensure professional level presentation and smooth read. If you are not a skilled editor, we recommend this service as a minimum.

Line editing – Also called “substantive editing.” This type of editing includes proofreading and copyediting as well as line by line editing to ensure your content flows in the most logical, comprehensible, understandable, consistent, congruent, engaging, and audience-appropriate manner from cover to cover. Line editing takes longer than copy editing or proofreading because the editor takes the time to “get in the head of the writer” and understand what their intended message is, then ensure the overall story and presentation is structure in the most impactful form possible. Line editors are also very careful not to change the voice of the author or stray from the author’s intended message. Line editors have a rare and special talent of empathy and understanding that most editors do not possess.

Self Publishing Advisory Service– If you are new to self publishing, we can provide step by step guidance to help you get bot the print and Kindle version of your book published to Amazon. We can also help you work with other print publishers and find various other service providers such as print and kindle formatters, cover artists, and more.

Marketing and Advertising Messaging – We can write the back cover synopsis of your book, the Amazon synopsis, and other messaging that you can use to promote your book. We can also give you guidance on what kinds of things to post to social media to engage readers and promote your book s well as advertising tactics and strategies.

We are highly experienced book authors and editors who work at very affordable rates to help self publishing authors publish their books and get their stories told. We specialize in Christian memoirs, testimonies, encouragement, devotionals, fiction works, and many others. We have edited books in nearly every genre including technology, music production, business, leadership, encouragement, communications, self help, self improvement, coaching, and many others.

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