Breakthrough Victory is owned and operated by Mark Jay. Breakthrough Victory refers to breaking out of boxes and barriers of all kinds to be victorious in every way over anxiety, depression, fears, conflicts, upbringings, unhealed wounds, insecurities, etc. that hold people down and prevent them knowing the truth and being made free by it. This is a very different type of ministry in that it is focused around not religion or formal church going but through in person and phone based friendship support and gentle guidance.

The other day someone asked me, “So what exactly do you do anyway?“ I replied, “I am a shepherd friend who guides people to the chief shepherd to be made free.” I don’t have a worldly license, certification, or formal education for this profession. I’ve been qualified by God through my 25+ years of military and corporate leadership experience, 30 years as a husband and father, and through my knowledge of God, my trials, Biblical research and studies, fellowships, and prayer life.

Officially speaking, Breakthrough Victory is a Bible-based, science-informed wellness and communications company providing vital wisdom for spiritual maturity, healing, recovery, mental and physical wellness, relationship development, and vitality. We accomplish this mission through various mediums including one on one and group fellowship, books, blogging, music, and other media distribution. Our services are non profit, however we do accept donations to help us keep doing what we do for the kingdom of God.

Podcast: youtube.com/@chillbutdeep

Email us anytime. breakthroughvictory at gmail dot com.