Services & Info

Breakthrough Victory Co. is a health and wellness coaching and publishing company. We provide several services to help individuals and groups achieve their goals and realize their maximum potential. We believe the key to good health and happiness is a balanced life (emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, intellectually, and economically), and we help people strike the balance. We give a portion of all proceeds to charity. Email us for a free consultation anytime. breakthroughvictory at gmail dot com.

WELLNESS CONSULTING. Personal training, fitness, nutrition consulting (virtual or in-home). We interview you, learn your goals, prescribe a health improvement plan tailored to your age and lifestyle, walk you through the plan step-by-step, then hold you accountable.

PHYSICAL TRAINING. One on One fitness and basketball training (in-home or park). We learn your goals, tailor a plan, then either walk you through it and monitor your self-paced progress, or coach you in person several times a week. We also teach basketball shooting and offer basketball training drills for full body wellness.

LIFE RIGHT” ADVISORY. Stressed? Unorganized? Messy garage? Dirty house? Overwhelmed and can’t keep up? We are efficiency and planning experts and can help you weed out your stress and burdens, get organized, and attain PEACE! We interview you, set up a step-by-step plan, get you the services and people you need, help you execute it, and hold you accountable.

Book Publishing and Storytelling Services. We are book editors and storytellers, and we help individuals and companies develop their stories and self-publish their books.. With 50 years of writing and editing experience and five published books, we edit everything from fiction to Christian spiritual books and offer extremely affordable prices.

Prayer Service. We provide prayer services for anyone! Simply email us your prayers and needs and we and our network of friends will pray for you. Prayer is powerful!

Email or call us for a free consultation anytime! breakthroughvictory at gmail dot com or 208-779-0525.

Coming soon: Our FREE Breakthrough Victory book! Please let us know if you want a free copy when it is released.

Note: All our services are “pay what you can afford.”