If we don’t control our emotions they will control us

Emotions are a beautiful and necessary part of human life. However, if we don’t control them, they will control us, and we will never reach our true potential. Therefore it is necessary that we gain control of our emotions so we can function at a high-level in every aspect of life, especially in our relationships with others and as writers.

This verse is from “The Spiritual Man” book in a chapter called “the believer and emotion.”

“One quality which characterizes a spiritual person is the great calm he maintains under every circumstance. Whatever may happen around him or however much he may be provoked by someone, he accepts it calmly and exhibits a level, unmovable nature. No extreme provocation has the strength to unsettled him. He is able to regulate his every feeling, because his emotion has yielded to Christ and his will and spirit are under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit, which gives him self control. BUT if he has not allowed the Holy Spirit of truth to bring his emotions under control, then he will be easily influenced, stimulated, disturbed, and even controlled by the external world and his emotions. He will undergo constant change and never be stable because emotions—unlike God—are always changing. The slightest threat or provocation will upset him, control him, and ultimately render him helpless. Whoever genuinely desires to do God’s will and please God must allow the Holy Spirit to tame his emotions and empower him with self control.”

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