Feeling tired and weak and can’t figure out why? It may due to an underlying organ injury caused by Covid. READ THIS

I am an independent health and wellness coach and researcher. It has come to my attention that Covid may attack vital organs—especially the liver, pancreas, and kidney on some people—and I wanted to share some important information to those of you who may have unexplained health ailments, especially fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, cramping, and so forth. Please understand I am not a doctor, and I am only sharing what I’ve learned through personal experience and various reputable sites and experts over the past several months. My only purpose is to inform people and recommend they see a doctor if they are experiencing unexplained health symptoms. I have no other motive for posting this.

I know there’s a lot of false information circulating, and I also know that many people are leveraging this virus for political reasons. That withstanding, I understand any hesitation to believe what I am saying here. If you find yourself doubting, do some research yourself. Start with the article from John Hopkins I included at the end of this post. Then understand that everything they are saying about attack on the kidneys can apply to any other organ in your body, which can also be verified with research.

As you may or may not know, this virus attacks everyone differently. What researchers have found is that it exploits any weaknesses you have in your body. That is, if it can’t get your lungs, it will move to another vital organ. It is a very predatory virus. Once it attaches to one of your organs, researchers say it can kill tissue and multiply very quickly (see link below for source) causing acute injury or, in extreme cases, failure.

At the onset of organ attack, you may or may not experience acute pain symptoms. For instance, if your liver or pancreas is injured, you may have some serious digestive problems for a while, such as heartburn, chest tightness, change in stool color or texture, and so forth—or you may not. You may also experience malaise, lethargy, mild or extreme fatigue, emotional highs and lows, mood swings, maybe even depression. Whatever the case, especially during this pandemic, do not dismiss those types of issues, for they may very well be symptoms of an organ injury caused by the covid virus. The key is to identify this issue as soon as possible so you can begin taking the corrective measures for your body to repair it.

Here’s my point: if you are experiencing unexplained health issues with no acute upper respiratory symptoms or fever, It is possible that one of your organs has been injured, and that is why you have low energy, malaise, and other unexplained symptoms.

I don’t know about you, but when I experience health issues and don’t have any other symptoms (such as a fever or a cold or a cough), I typically write them off to the typical culprits such as: working too hard, or seasonal allergies, or eating poorly, or stress, or something to that effect. It would never occur to me that they were symptoms of an underlying organ issue. To compound the problem, in the past, since I’m an athlete and hardly ever get sick, I have not had regular health check ups. I’ve since learned that is a very dangerous practice, especially as we age, and especially in the midst of a health pandemic.

Therefore, if you find yourself nodding in agreement with everything I’m saying and having one of those “ah ha” moments because I am describing what you have been experiencing, I urge you to do a few things immediately:

  1. See a GOOD doctor as soon as possible. Get your blood taken, check your levels, ensure that your levels are where they need to be and your organs are functioning properly, especially your kidneys. There are multiple blood indicators that will expose injured organs. If you don’t have healthcare that provides a five star rated doctor, pay cash for an office visit and blood test. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to your health. Just as you wouldn’t take your prized vintage vehicle to a hole in the wall garage, don’t take your body to one either.
  2. Start healing. Stop overexerting yourself, stop drinking, stop smoking, stop doing anything that requires precious energy and fuel to repair. That includes going to the gym and lifting weights or strenuous exercise. That also includes stressful environments. Stress is a major resource hog and will also deprive your organs of healing. That also includes abstaining from all junk and processed foods for a while.

A little background: When an internal organ is injured, your body sends all of its resources there to heal it. In the process it takes resources away from other areas, and that affects your circulation, your energy, your physical strength, your mental state, and everything else. In other words, your body robs Peter to pay Paul, and that is what results in unexplained symptoms.

Therefore, If you ascertain that one of your organs has been injured (actually, this recommendation applies anytime you are experiencing unexplained health issues), you basically need to treat yourself like you are sick and have the flu. Chicken noodle soup, water, complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, vitamin C, nutrition shakes (include cabbage and kale), loads of water for hydration, nutritious foods galore—you know the drill. And plenty of rest. Plenty of rest. Do not try to be a warrior and “site through it.” And whatever you do don’t expend energy on anything except healing. The more energy you expend, the longer it will take to heal. Every single ounce of available fuel and energy matters, especially when an injured organ is involved.

In closing, I can’t say this enough: It’s critically important to have a health check up every year no matter how good you think your health is. Take it from me, you will be surprised at what a blood test will reveal. For the same reason that a mechanic checks the condition of engine oil with a dipstick, we should definitely have a doctor check the condition of our blood with a blood test at least once a year. I never used to believe this, but I believe it now. And I hope you will also.

I want to reiterate that I’m not posting this for any other reason but to share vital information I have learned that I believe can help people and perhaps even save lives. I am not a politician and I don’t want your vote. I have no personal stake in amplifying this virus or causing fear and hysteria.

Regardless of our political positions, I think we can all agree that this is a deadly virus for some people I’m actually quite dangerous even when The other traditional upper respiratory symptoms are not present. I just want everyone to be informed. I am at the course available for questions and consultation anytime. But again, your first order of business should be to schedule an appointment with a good doctor and go from there.

Thanks for reading, God bless, and be safe.


PS: Ladies, feel free to forward this to your stubborn boyfriends and husbands

Source: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-kidney-damage-caused-by-covid19

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